Thursday, January 26, 2006

frog: it's what's (not) for dinner . . .*

Greetings from the Sunset District of San Francisco, where produce is the cheapest in town, roast ducks are available for a steal and price-gauging tapioca wars brew angry on storefronts -- but live frogs still hold firm at a competitive $2.99/pound.

This site will aim to capture the joy of life that is the world of food culture. I hope it attracts people such as myself that love to read menus but hate to follow recipes, and find cooking and experimenting with flavors to be one of the most therapeutic hobbies around.

*Except that the lil fella pictured above is actually the Dyscophus antongilli, aka the tomato frog of Madagascar. Mmm. . . tomato frog. . .


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