Thursday, January 26, 2006

last nibbles

The first-class dinner menu on the last night of the Titanic in 1912 included salmon in mousseline sauce with cucumber, roast squab and cress in cold asparagus vinaigrette and Waldorf pudding with peaches in chartreuse jelly.

(Source: Ben Schott's Schott's Original Miscellany)

ten-thousand taste buds

Approximate number of taste buds:

Humans: 10,000
Rabbits: 17,000
Cows: 25,000

(Source: Diane Ackerman's A Natural History of the Senses)

a tasty bite of metaplasmic

(From poet/pastry goddess Anna Eyre's Metaplasmic chapbook, available on Effing Press)

Eye in Kitchen Still Life

Tickles brain noodle
ribs with a hang
nail long spindle finger
tip shoved up
your snot

Eats like "Munch a la
Muncha" caught up with
"Mr. Nature".

Flares bing cherry
hairs on mousse egg

Magnetizes pineapple framed
Kitty Luna to friends lean
in together grin

Scatters strawberry candles
to rest on tiled bats

Treads one small step for
the iridescent newly hatched
cockroach over "one small step . . .".
astronaut and American flag on my
"The eagle has landed", 8006
Flower Ave, Giorgio's pizza pen.

Unfolds toddlers to hula-
hoop naked in black
and white on accordion papers.

Spells desserts in
deserted deserts
with a rattle-
snake's s.

Stimulates digits to screen
through letter key
us pattern.

frog: it's what's (not) for dinner . . .*

Greetings from the Sunset District of San Francisco, where produce is the cheapest in town, roast ducks are available for a steal and price-gauging tapioca wars brew angry on storefronts -- but live frogs still hold firm at a competitive $2.99/pound.

This site will aim to capture the joy of life that is the world of food culture. I hope it attracts people such as myself that love to read menus but hate to follow recipes, and find cooking and experimenting with flavors to be one of the most therapeutic hobbies around.

*Except that the lil fella pictured above is actually the Dyscophus antongilli, aka the tomato frog of Madagascar. Mmm. . . tomato frog. . .